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This place is located in Dakota County, Minnesota, USA, and its geographical coordinates are west of the original name diacritical is Rosemount. This hill bend is about 17 miles southeast of Minneapolis and is a landmark that is different from any other in Minnesota.

If your goal is to visit the Minnesota Zoo south of the property, this is an extended stay for you and your family. Eagan, Minnesota is the perfect destination for business and leisure travelers looking for a long-term stay in the Twin Cities metro area or Minnesota State. Located a few miles southeast of downtown Minneapolis and about a half-hour drive from Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport, this hotel offers quiet and affordable accommodations on the edge of a metro area. The hotel has a full service restaurant, a bar and if you do not want to cook, breakfast is served every morning.

The Residence Inn has 120 suites, all suitable for long-term guests and highly praised staff. The Extended Stay America Eagan offers a full-service restaurant, bar and restaurant serving breakfast and lunch each morning. The Homestead Studio Suites offers business and leisure travelers in the Twin Cities subway area extended stays with a variety of options. The Staybridge Suite is considered by many of its clients to be the best of all in Egan and features an extensive list of amenities including pool, spa, fitness center, gym, pool house and spa.

Luxury hotels, including luxury hotels in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Eagan and Minneapolis - Saint Paul, are available in a separate list. You can compare the leading car rental companies in the Twin Cities and other parts of the country with our list of the best car rental providers.

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More About Rosemount

More About Rosemount