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Many industry insiders have heard rumors that restaurants will reopen next week if Governor Walz extends the current shutdown. I'm told there was a meeting last week at which 130 small businesses discussed joining the ReOpen Minnesota Coalition to oppose the extension of the decommissioning order. Others who support both the coalition and its goals are weighing options and changing direction.

Quite a few have confirmed that they will not reopen - despite all the opposition, but it will depend on what they think is best for their staff and guests. Teichroev says he doesn't prescribe how restaurants must "reopen," but only offers support numbers and social media. I hope everyone understands that in the end it is about supporting the families who are going to lose everything.

The new building will have a single access road and 32 parking spaces, the new building will have an area of 5700 square meters, with three rental rooms in an east-west direction. The outside of the buildings will form a vertical element, a red awnings that will be placed above the windows. Developers will respond to a tender which may initially include proposals for a new restaurant, retail, office space or car park.

Since the rear of the building will be aligned with Kreisstraße 42, the city employees have asked the developers to upgrade the exterior facade to the north and rear. The second goal is for the developer to design a drive through the restaurant and the associated drive-through aisle area. Each unit on the west side will have 30 seats, with an area of 2500 square meters and a parking space of 1000 square meters.

The same kind of civil disobedience was planned for this summer, but was rolled back when the governor lifted restrictions in June. After publishing the article on Friday morning, he moved the governor's updated restrictions up from Monday to Wednesday, December 16. The governor had planned to announce by the end of the week that he would continue the closed restrictions, but the announcement was postponed until Monday, his office said.

Yesterday we were told that they had essentially split into two groups and decided to go down the road of filing a complaint. We won't reopen this week, but depending on what the governor announces Monday, we may have that lawsuit in our pocket.

We remain firmly convinced that the majority of restaurants are safer and cleaner than Home Depot and Target, despite the fact that studies have shown a link between the transmission of covids in restaurant scenarios. We put the question to the restaurant and they made the decision, but we still worry about the safety of our customers and our staff.

Teichroev compared the possible aid package to a bribe for companies that do not play by the rules, saying that even if they have any financial package, they "want to stay the course. The banners believe that the gastronomy is targeted because it is an unequal collection of companies that is weak in the face of the tyrant as Governor Walz sees it. They are cautious and nervous because he promised to change so many things and they have not worked.

Most of us watch what happens to see how it plays out in places like Michigan, and we tend to think that it's not as bad as it was in other parts of the country, like Detroit or Detroit, Michigan. Korey Bannerman, owner of the Rosemount Restaurant Company and St. Clair County Chamber of Commerce, and Mike McCoy are a powerful part of this group. I see people vociferously supporting the restaurants, but I don't know how that ends. We are going to Roscoe, Minnesota, on Saturday, July 29 for a dinner with the ladies who support us.

The University of Minnesota has submitted an application for development, and a developer has proposed the demolition of an existing building, which may take place this fall. It is unclear if that is the plan, but the developer is proposing it as part of a larger development plan for the campus. Its members include the St. Clair County Chamber of Commerce, of which I am a member, which could jeopardize the stimulus packages that are supposedly coming.

Rosemount can look forward to new local shopping and dining options when a new building is built next year. The John Green Partnership has filed a motion to demolish the University of Minnesota campus building and build an apartment building. A Facebook group was set up earlier this year, which was initially shut down but has since restarted.

Bannerman and Teichroev have different views on how to treat the virus, and some will want to take off the masks while others will keep them off the seating line. We asked if a restaurant in the subway area would speak up and lie about the case, but no one would put on record. Restaurants that sign up for the re-open can do it when they want, as you want; restaurants must be in good standing to receive it, or you can decide to continue the restrictions yourself. Direct payments based on the 2019 VAT numbers can be made.

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